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Home of the CD METRONOME. The CD Metronome is a revolutionary new practice tool for students and professionals. Each 2 CD set contains 50+ tracks of LIVE jazz drumming for you to use as your metronome when you are practicing anything in a swing style. Just think of it as your own personal drummer, willing to play with you anytime (with perfect time), for as long as you want. Whether you are working on scales, transcriptions, patterns, or blowing through changes, the CD Metronome creates an inspiring environment for your practicing in a way that click metronomes and drum machines can't touch.You can purchase CD Metronome as downloadable MP3 sets or get the CD's (Vol 1&2 only) at CD Baby for just $29.95 +shipping.The first 2 volumes are in 2 sections: Ballad Style 50-70bpm and Swing Style 50-400bpm. I've included the Ballad section because drummers play a different kind of swing on ballads than they do when playing a slow swing tune. In the Swing section the style of drumming changes as the speed increases, just like real drummers do (because it is a real drummer). Also in this section tempos start much slower than would be considered swing. This is so you will be able to practice an extremely fast passage very slowly while maintaining te correct feel.

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Track list from Volume 1

Each track on the CD Metronome is approximately 3min long. To work at one specific tempo for longer than that, set your CD or MP3 player to repeat one track. If you are working at increasing your speed on certain material, I suggest setting the CD Metronome to start at a tempo 2-3 settings slower than your "comfort level" and letting the CD play track after track. Every 3min you will hear a slightly faster tempo giving you a great workout.

For students new to jazz, the CD Metronome becomes your swing teacher by helping you embody the feel of swing 1/8 notes. The best way to learn swing is to play next to a good jazz drummer.

Endorsed by:

Alan Pasqua Larry Koonse
Hal Crook George Garzone
Clay Jenkins Kim Richmond
Bob Sheppard Dick Oatts
Jerry Bergonzi Bill Pierce

and hundreds of teachers at leading jazz schools throughout the US including...

New England Conservatory USC-Thorton School Of Music
Berklee College Of Music Manhattan School Of Music
California Institute Of the Arts University Of North Texas
The New School Eastman School Of Music
"I love it! It's indispensable in my practice routine. I use it daily."
- Larry Koonse
"I've been recommending your CD Metronome for years now. Many of my students have bought it, but they all need it!"
- Hal Crook
"It has transformed my teaching practice...my students are swinging better and practicing more"
- Clay Jenkins
"I heard about this from my teacher- Alan Pasqua. He is recommending it to all of his students at USC."
- Jim (jazz student at USC)

Upcoming volumes of The CD Metronome: